Cleanroom & Hood Certification

Full Service Certifcation and Monitoring of Cleanrooms, CER’s, Clean Equipment, And Decontamination Services too!

NHEPA/ULPA Filter Leak Testing and Repair utilizing either PSL or POA challenges. Ceiling mount, flter bank and Bag-In/Bag-Out units.

Cleanroom Certifcation per ISO-14644, EU GMP Annex-
1:2008, and FS209E
Viable Organism Microbial Testing – both airborne and
surfaces, with both quantitative and qualitative analysis.
Gram stain and species ID available; many choices of agar
available including TSA and RBA.
In-House Microbial Lab Capability:Mono-Phasic & Bi-Phasic Incubations
Enurations with detailed reports
Gram Stains with Digital Photos of samples, colonies &
stained cells (at 100x Oil)AME
Hood Certifcation and Service: Laminar Flow Hoods/Clean Benchs
Mini-Environments - Certifed as low as ISO Class-1 @
≥0.1µm. That’s 100 times cleaner than FS209E Class-1!
Class I Fume Hoods – general, toxic, radio-isotope
Class II Biological Safety Cabinets
Class III Glove Box Isolators – for either positive or
negative isolation
Specialty Cleanroom Tests including: Airflow Parallelism
Airflow Smoke Patterns, Temp/RH Trending, EMI, Floor
Conductivity,Sound, Light Level and Spectrum.
CDA and Compressed Gas Testing and Monitoring per ISO-8573:Moisture – pressure dew point measured down to -76°F
Hydrocarbons – oil vapor measured down to 0.1 mg/m3
Airborne Particle Concentrations
Airborne Viable Organism Concentration – using TCI-y agar, specifcally validated for CDA use.