MESA3 is selected to test and balance some of the world’s most demanding and complicated systems. As a leader in the industry since 1985, MESA3 has set the standard for detailed procedures, thorough testing of all modes of operation, comprehensive reports, and going the extra mile on behalf of our clients.

Air and Water Flows  –  all system types
Room Pressures  – for containment or isolation; manual orautomated control
Economizer – minimum and maximum, outside air quantities, and building pressure control
Process Exhaust System Balance and Maintenance Plans
Gas Cabinet Balancing and Certifcation
Duct Pressure Leak Testing 
HVAC System Sound Testing – A scale or full octave band with NC curve
Vibration Testing and Balancing – Fans and pumps
Ultrasonic Fluid Flow Measurement – process fluids, ultra-pure water, waste sludge, ect.