MESA3 is an independent, multi-discipline technical services company that helps businesses in a number of critical industries with their facility challenges. The one thing in common with all our disciplines is that they all do their part to:
Improve System Performance (getting the intended job done),
Maximizing Efficiency (using the least amount of energy and labor),
creating a safe conditions for the workers, the products and the end users,
and maintaining proper documentation and regulatory compliance.

Why consider MESA3?

     *Multi-discipline Industry Experts with unique turn-key solutions
     *Independent Testing, Analysis & Consulting
     *Multiple Technical and Quality System Certifications
     *Team Player - Works hard to make the project smooth and beneficial for all
     *Cost Effective - High Value service provider


MESA3 Disciplines

We are the premier provider of Quality Assurance Services for Building Systems. Our goal is to provide the very best in solutions that meet or exceed your needs and expectations.  Our technicans, engineers, and certified professionals are among the best in the business because our certified quality system standards are so high  .Our goal is to always deliver as promised and to provide extra value whenever possible. 

Please select from the SERVICE DISCIPLINES BELOW to discover the specifics of each service available for each discipline. Allow us to show you how MESA3 can uniquely provide benefit to your project or facility.


     The key to the success of our customers and their projects is our proprietary Quality Management System (QMS), which consists of a comprehensive series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), extensive and documented training, proprietary software programs and databases, copyrighted specialty forms, intensive project QC inspections, and both internal and third-party auditing. QMS not only delivers hard copies of certifed test reports, but the reports are also issued electronically.  Multiple reports and/or other data, such as equipment submittals and startup reports, can also be archived for the client into a single documentation database with web site type search capabilities and hyperlinks. The test reports for all of our services are also capable of being prepared in compliance with FDA cGMP, so that they may be suitable for use as attachments to qualifcation and validation reports.  In addition, we pride ourselves on our award-winning safety procedures and standards.